Cold Smoked Salmon

Angelina Jolie and myself drinking Champagne and eating Cold Smoked Salmon.  She enjoyed it the plates are empty !!!
Angelina Jolie and I celebrating her instrument rating on her Pilots License with Cold Smoked Salmon.

I like the Wild caught Salmon. I get that we have a need to
farm fish like everything else. Not only to feed the planet
all so to learn biosphere diversity for our future inter-space
travel that we will need to raise our food in space. That being said…

1 Salmon filet skin on and pin bones removed.

1/2 c. minced Shallots

1/2 c. Kosher Salt

1/2 c. sugar

1# Grape Vines cut small ( or any other wood for smoking Cherry, Orange )

1 gal. zip lock bag full of Ice

Lay the Salmon out on a long pan Skin side down.

Spread the shallots out evenly on the Salmon.

Sprinkle the Sugar and Salt evenly over the Shallots and Salmon.

Cover with Plastic wrap and place another long pan on top of the Salmon.

In this Pan on top place a 10# to 15# weight on top and put everything into the

refrigerator for 3 days. This is curing the Salmon, what happens is the salt draws

out the moisture and the shallots and sugar flavor the Salmon.

Have your Smoker ready. On the bottom shelf place the bag of Ice.

Rinse the Salmon and pat it dry then on the next shelf place the Salmon skin side down.

In the fire pan place the grape vines and light on fire, I use a torch or the stove top.

Once the fire is lit extinguish it and place the smoking pan of wood chips under the Ice and close all doors.

Making sure it continues to smoke for 20 minutes. Remove the Salmon and let it cool then wrap in plastic and

refrigerate over night for service.

When slicing start at the head end of the filet and at a 45 degree angle slice as thin as possible.

Cold Smoked Salmon on top of crustinis with capers, onion, hard cooked eggs separated and grated finely, creme fraiche and fresh Dill .  A bottle of Locke vineyard Viognier.
Cold Smoked Salmon Appetizer

The garnish is hard boiled Eggs separated and grated finely, Red Onions small diced, Capers, Lemon, crustini with Creme Fraiche and fresh Dill.

I served this for Angelina Jolie after she got her instrument rating on her Pilots License.

Angelina joins women like Pancho Barns with the Happy Bottom Riding Club as an inspiration to women becoming Pilots more and more.